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4 Tell-Tale Signs Your Heating System Furnace Needs Maintenance or Repair


1. Aging Furnace


2. Heating Bills Are Sharply Increasing with Less Usage


3. Heating Is Inconsistent and ‘Spotty’


4. Visible Dust; Arid Dry Interior

Heating is perhaps the costliest expense. Most people can go a summer with a few fans running to circulate air as temperatures cool down enough during the evening to provide relief.

Michigan winters, on the other hand, are quite brutal. There’s no letting up. If it’s 30 degrees, it’s 30 degree’s the entire day – sometimes weeks – straight. Regular preventable maintenance is the best approach, but if you need to take more drastic measures with installation/replacement or repairs, we offer those services, too.



We recommend regular maintenance check-ups (once or twice a year) to prevent budgeting for otherwise preventable repairs that – when left unchecked – eventually catches up and cost more than maintenance itself. If repairs are needed, however, we are happy to serve.

We have qualified, NATE-certified technicians who specialize in the blueprint, drawings, and custom fitting your heater to recommended specifications and budget.

Air Conditioning Maintenance, Installation and Repairs

5 Tell-Tale Signs an A.C Unit Needs Maintenance

If you’re unit has any one or more of these signs, contact us immediately for estimates:


1. The air isn’t cold or not as cold as it should be.


2. Not enough air flowing through the vents


3. You notice moisture around or near your unit


4. It ‘grates’ and ‘grinds’ during operation


5. There is an odor coming from the vents



There are few experiences more uncomfortable than working through Michigan summer heat. Machines fail. That’s where we step in. Our repair technicians adhere to strict EPA guidelines by properly disposing of chemical waste material to prevent air and water contamination. We follow standard procedures including permits to ensure every step of the process is done according to code and manufacture recommendations.

Whether your upgrading previous units, replacing a unit or installing a new unit in a newly constructed building, MPM can assist in helping you choose the best cooling system for your needs.

We help you with design, sizing, operating protocal, and placement for optimum performance and satisfaction in your budget.

Duct Cleaning Maintenance




Did you know…




…poor indoor air quality due to fungi and bacteria circulating in duct systems account for one billion dollars in medical costs and $60 billion dollars in employee sick leave and lost production time?




From mutiple residential units to commercial complexes, MPM Heating and Cooling technicians are equipped and trained to meet your air quality requirements while exceeding your expectations.




First, inspection.


 Second, we provide a checklist for your convenience mapping out the process from start to finish.



Third, we provide the costs of each step in the process. No surprises.


 Duct cleaning is no small task. It can take an entire day to complete depending on property size.


Duct cleaning frequency depends on several factors. Typically, every 3 – 5 years. If you have smokers, water contamination, or asthma or allergy-prone residents or employees, you may consider more frequent cleanings.




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