First impressions are EVERYTHING, and your landscape is the first point of contact visitors have with your property prior to stepping through the front doors. Poor management can tarnish your reputation, cause *safety hazards* or damage your property.

At PARKS we provide our clientele with a comprehensive plan that’ll make your neighbors blush with envy. We customize according to best practices and your personal desires every step to make your property both functional and beautiful so visitors feel both safe and astonished.

Our technicians will assist in carrying out your vision using our years of experience, knowledge, expertise and skill.

Commercial Turf Management and Maintenance Services

Weekly Turf Mowing & Edging

A clean, proper, well-cut lawn free of grass clippings and debris along with a sharp edge is our most popular service. We sharpen dirty, dull mower blades daily and switch up cutting patterns to prevent lawn damage.

Core Aeration

Lawn aeration allows your lawn to *BREATH*, strengthen its roots, absorb better heat and improve the effectiveness of fertilization resulting in a thick, lush lawn.


De-thatching is the process of ‘power raking’ dead grass ‘stuck’ between grass and soil to give your grass room to grow and allow essential nutrients to reach the soil and feed your grass; reducing weeds growth and brown and yellow patches throughout.

Turf Repair

Turf repair is the process of repairing and restoring artificial grass via grooming, sweeping, and infill co-compaction to keep your lawn debris-free while redistributing migrated infill due to heavy rains or foot traffic. It keeps fibers ‘upright’ and maintains a plush appearance extending the life of your artificial lawn turf.


If your lawn is bare and you’re having trouble successfully planting grass seed, slit-seeding – also known as “slice-seeding” — is the delicate process of embedding grass seed directly into soil to encourage germination and, thus, growth. We use premium ‘insect and disease-resistant’ seed strands to strengthen your lawn and it give it that lush appearance a thing of envy.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

As seasons change year-round proper ‘pre’ and ‘post’ lawn care is essential to your lawns longevity to prepare for a hassle-free summer. Our crew rake compacted beds, cleans leaves and sticks from shrubs, grass and flower beds, vacuum, trim and apply fertilizer to help your lawn endure the winter months ahead.

Diagnostics & Evaluations

We analyze and evaluate your lawn to present a series of options for you to decide upon and give you the best bang for your buck. We help you know the state of your lawns health by identifying insects, weeds, lawn diseases, damage, and more.

Corrective Pruning

Essential for the development, structure, and plant and tree formulation, corrective pruning allows a tree to grow healthier and stronger while discouraging diseases, pests, and other issues. Once completed we haul away debris and leave your landscape ‘spit shine’ clean.

Horticultural Pruning

Improve your plants’ health and form, increase flowering and fruit production, boost safety by removing weak or dead limbs and branches, enhance appearance, reduce storm damage potential by clearing trees and vegetation, and improve the density of your turf by allowing more sunlight in previously shaded lawn areas with horticultural pruning.

Staking & Guying

Typically removed within one growing season, staking and guying helps trees and plants develop tougher root systems increased trunk taper development. This process is for trees requiring a little extra support, but never as a crutch. Over-reliance can make trees too dependent on outside assistance and we take great measures to give a struggling tree just the right ‘boost’ and letting it go on its own.


There are times when plant and tree removal are essential for the well-being of its surroundings because it’s reached the end of its natural life cycle. Our removal services have trained professionals to ensure no harm or damage is done in the area.

Other Services We Offer Include:

Pond Management, Annual Flowers, Field Mowing, Irrigation Management, Water Features, Bed Maintenance, Fall Mums & Pansies, Spring-Flowering Bulbs, Holiday Lighting & Decorating, Nite Scaping, Excavating, Power Washing, Parking Lot Sweeping, and Mulching

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