If you’re ready to repair your pavement or considering a small, mid-level or large construction project, before taking a single step, consult with trained professionals at PARKS Services to help you determine the best options for you.


Asphalt Paving

When requiring asphalt paving projects to be done correctly, on time and on budget, consider an asphalt paving company with considerable experience and a strong reputation for quality.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and sheer manpower to pave, mill and pulverize. Also, we provide asphalt for streets, roads, plats, parking lots and driveways.

Preventative Pavement Maintenance

Our asphalt maintenance division prolongs the life of your pavement, especially after the winter season where salt and extreme weather conditions cause deterioration .

We seal cracks, seal coats and do patching using quality equipment, materials and skilled professionals.

Defer costly resurfacing and replacement projects and extend your pavements shelf life.

Infrared Patching

 Infrared asphalt repair technology is effective in handling critical asphalt repairs blending hot-mix asphalt in with the original to create a seamless surface restoration.

Infrared rays penetrate deep into the asphalt without scaling, burning or asphalt separation due to aggregate. It’s also cost beneficial because it’s typically done using fewer raw material.

Catch Basin (Storm Drain) Repairs


Catch basins fail over time and deteriorate even with the best materials used. Mother Nature sometimes has her way. In Michigan, what typically happens is during winter, water expands and contracts. As a result, the mortar is displaced .

Our restorative services will get to the root of the issue and repair on-site.


Parks provides easy, cost-effective, and time-saving solutions to repair, replace, or install concrete on-demand.

We service both commercial and residential sectors – short loads or double loads – all sized jobs are welcomed.


Our excavation services include foundation, pads, residential, commercial, land development, sewers, septic systems, driveways, commercial site work, and more.

We ensure your site plan is executed with total accuracy using the lastest industry equiment and skilled tradesmen for a clean, professional finish.


General Contracting

Whether new building construction, small/mid/large-scale renovations, building additions, PARKS takes full control and responsibility over your entire project from permits and zoning to handing you over the keys.

This service also includes hiring and supervising subcontractors, ordering materials, scheduling inspections, and more.

Pre-Construction Planning

The infant planning stages of your construction project is critical to the structural integrity, longevity and foundation of your building(s).

PARKS Services has a precise system in place for tailoring your specific needs to include budget establishment, site selection assistance, project financing, project designing, value engineering, material and labor analysis, subcontracting pre-qualification, and more.


We handle remodel work with skill and professionalism. We are involved in planning, designing, material selection, finishes and the construction process while providing routine updates and answering your questions.

We remodel office buildings, industrial buildings, apartments, condos, duplexs, retail spaces, residential and more.

Tenant Build-Out

New office space? Developing a retail marketplace? Need to update your restaurant? Remodeling apartment/condo complex? Empty mall space?

At PARKS Services we accommodate commercial property tenant build-outs to ‘carve out’ customer specifications and make it unique to your business model. Our team of professionals are there from initial inspection to the final result while assuring we control your costs, manage time and stay on schedule.


Consult with our professional design and building team to help make your project vision both functional, practical, and beautiful inside and out.

PARKS work hand-in-hand with you every step of the process to ensure you are the Chief Designer while using our expertise to keep things in line and in order.

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