Structurial water penetration issues need to be promptly addressed.

First, we identify the problem and where the water is coming from causing the leak.

Second, we recommend patching or partial replacement repairs.

Third, we commence work and get it done on time and budget.

Do You Suspect A Leaky, Damaged Roof in Southeast Michigan?

Roofing that has recently suffered damage due to the wind, heavy rain, trees, or aging, we can help!

Roofing troubles is every property owners worst nightmare. If left unattended it could have serious repercussions that puts you and your business at risk.

We Are Here To Save Money and Give You Peace of Mind

Our practice is to only repair what needs to be repaired.

The biggest expense for roofing repairs are neglect. Meaning, if you have a small repair where the cost is manageable and affordable, if left unattended, over time the problem grows along with the expense of repair.

Early detection from timely inspections of the building is critical. Any sign of water penatration should be inspected by professionals who know what they’re doing to give you recomendations and an estimate for repairs.

When Are Leaking Roof Repairs Necessary?

Inspect outside walls and roof. Are there missing shingles, tiles, shakes? Is there water damage along wall seams and under eaves? Is there a notable insect or other creature activity (mice, squirrels, birds)?

Interior look in the attic and/or top floor. Is there paint discoloration? Cracked appearances? Moldy or soft wood? Rusted nails poking through?

If water is leaking through the issue could become severe. This needs immediate attention. Ideally, you want to catch the pre-warning signs and address it before the problem intensifies.

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